Monday, May 8, 2017

St John's In School Program

Today we had a visit by two wonderful St John ladies. They taught us how to bandage a cut arm, to put on a sling, that your blood runs down into one arm at your side when the other arm is held in the air and how to put someone into the recovery position.
We had a great afternoon practicing all of our new skills.


  1. I'm so pleased I'll be in great hands Room 2 if I hurt my arm at school or need to be put into the recovery position. Well done on learning some great skills.

  2. Hi my name is Dave and I work for Manaiakalani it is great to see you all working with the people from St Johns ambulance. I didn't know that the blood went to the other arm if you held it up. It is good to know I will be safer when I visit next time.

  3. Kia ora Ruma Rua,
    How lucky you were to have St Johns come and teach you some very important things. I bet you feel super confident now and know what to do if someone has an accident. It is especially important to know how to put someone in the recovery position. When I was a teacher at a Kindergarten I had to do my St Johns First Aid course every 2 years. I haven't done it for awhile but I know I do remember lots of it. St Johns do such an important job in our communities. Have any of you thought about being a Paramedic or an Ambulance officer?

    1. Hi Tania It's Greta from Ruma Rua. We learnt a lot from the St Johns sesson. I learnt that the blood went into the other arm if you held one arm up. One of my friends fell over and sprained her wrist, the person looking after her asked if I wanted to put the bandage on her wrist. So I did.

  4. HI It is Kaycee from Kaniere School Ruma Rua. I go to St John's on Tuesday and we learn about first aid. I like it. I have learnt that asthma can make you sick. You need to give them their inhaler to help them breath. I already knew lots of the stuff we learnt for our class course but it was great fun.